Part One: Getting Started
1. Traumatic Memory, Triggers, and Self-Blame
2. The Stages of Sexual Abuse Recovery
3. Shattering Sexual Stereotypes

Part Two: Post-Traumatic Stress and PTSD
4. Introduction to PTSD
5. PTSD, C-PTSD, and Dissociation

Part Three: Addictions
6. Sexuality and Addiction
7. Addictions: Taking Stock
8. Tackling Addictions and Compulsions

Part Four: Looking After Yourself
9. Friends and Therapists
10. Looking After Your Health
11. More on Self-Care

Part Five: Relationships
12. Relationship Styles
13. Relationship Problems

Part Six: Recovery Tools
14. Toxic Thinking and Suicidal Thoughts
15. Recovery Tools

Part Seven: Final Words
16. Final Matters
Epilogue: Many Deserts, Many Blooms

Appendix 1. Analysis of the 2010 NISVS
Appendix 2. Bureau of Justice Statistics Report NCJ228416
Appendix 3. Analysis of the 2010 NSPCC Childline Study