A Man's Guide to Overcoming Childhood Sexual Abuse

Every survivor of childhood sexual abuse will profit from reading this sane and sympathetic book. An empathetic and solution-oriented guide to dealing with the long-term trauma of childhood abuse.Kirkus Reviews
★★★★★ A supportive self-help text for survivors of childhood sexual abuse . . . The prose is candid, warm, and knowledgeable . . . addresses the trauma of the childhood sexual abuse of boys with bravery and compassion” — Foreword Clarion Reviews

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Date: 21 June 2023
Pages: 210
ISBN-10: 1039175538
ISBN-13: 978-1039175532
Dimensions: 6 x 9 in, 15.2 x 22.9 cm

Advice from an expert

I am Russell Stagg, a trauma therapist and former hospital chaplain whose research has been published in major psychology journals. I specialize in sexual assault and sexual abuse, and my book is based on what clients bring to my office, most notably PTSD and addictions.

Sexual violence is the number one cause of PTSD, and my clients typically suffer from complex PTSD which also involves:
  • anger
  • easily hurt feelings
  • a sense of guilt
  • problems with emotional intimacy
  • feeling distant from people.
I do not rely on trendy and popular approaches, but on therapies strongly recommended by the American Psychological Association. My clients and I identify the toxic messages they still carry from past trauma, and work to eradicate them. It is not a quick cure, but it can yield amazing results.
ONE IN SIX is different from other books on sexual abuse recovery
  • I avoid numerous “survivor stories” about past abuse, because you don't heal in the past.
  • I acknowledge that the two biggest issues facing survivors are PTSD and addiction.
  • I cite astonishing statistics about male victimization and female perpetration.

Many survivors are unaware they are struggling with post-traumatic stress or PTSD

Most survivors of child sexual abuse have experienced PTSD at some point in their lives. Even if their symptoms are not serious enough for a current diagnosis of PTSD, there's a good chance they're experiencing some degree of post-traumatic stress right now.

Because most addicts and alcoholics have a history of child sexual abuse, I deal with addictions, including those to porn and sex. I also provide guidance to the many survivors who end up in abusive relationships.
At least one in six men has experienced sexual abuse—including the author

Survivors dealing with anger, lack of assertiveness, and thoughts of suicide need good therapists. I explain what to look for in a counselor, but caution that male survivors all too often encounter hostile therapists rushing to defend female child molesters. I draw on my years of experience to handle male survivors' concerns with empathy and compassion.